Earth Sky Bed Table detail, 2016, Hand-dyed bed cloths from wild-harvested plants, organic sheet fabric, thread

My work investigates everyday matter – I seek out an embedded material language that exists between our bodies, our possessions, and our environment. In creating spaces, making intricate photography collages, soft sculptures, and installations, I draw connections between the material and the immaterial, the visceral and the technological, two dimensions and three dimensions, and ultimately, the conscious and unconscious. My projects intend to share a psychological and sensory experience that explores sites, such as the bed, the table and the landscape, where meaningful life experiences take place.

I am engaged by the living sculptures in our daily lives and the interior and exterior spaces around us. I am interested in how they teach us, engage our senses, and provide us with intimacy, comfort, rest, and pleasure.

- Mira Burack