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napping spot
napping spot
Ortiz mountain landscape, hand-dyed bed cloths from wild-harvested plants, organic sheet fabric, thread

In conjunction with her exhibition at 516 ARTS, Sleeping Between the Sun and the Moon, join artist Mira Burack at her home in the high desert mountains for an exploration of rest. In a swiftly paced 21st century, Burack hopes we can reconnect with our basic need for rest and sleep. During the workshop, participants will gather for a soothing, restful experience of the senses. We will share stories around our sleep experience – How do we sleep? What rituals prepare us for rest? What would help us quiet our lives a bit more? Burack will facilitate a group outdoor conversation, a nap in the landscape, and a nourishing plant encounter.

Participants are asked to bring an object that has supported their rest or sleep experience. Each participant will go home with a hand-dyed sleep mat/cloth and a plant hydrosol made by the artist from wild-harvested plants in the landscape. Come, unplug, and let the land comfort you. All are welcome.