(dark) Waterdrop, 2018, Photography collage (photographs of bedding), paint.

Plants, textiles, animals, family. The bed, the landscape, the table, the home.

I am engaged by the materials and living beings in my daily life, and the interior and exterior spaces around me where meaningful life experiences take place. Through my artistic practice, I explore and share the physical, psychological, and poetic qualities of these materials and spaces. I am curious about the relationships that exist between humans and their environments. What is the space between our bodies and the materials around them? How do humans experience their possessions? How do
these elements of daily life teach intimacy, engage the senses, provide comfort,heal, invite rest, and elicit pleasure?

Many of my projects explore the site of the bed and the legacy of sleep. I look at experiences of sleep to reveal hidden layers of materiality and consciousness. The liminal resting body acts as a portal or mirror into an intermediary state; this is a fluid place, characterized by the innate sensual movement of cloth. The bed is a rich, contemplative site to consider materials, relationships, and our experience of rest in a swiftly-paced 21st-century.

In creating installations, sculptures, rituals, and collages, I draw connections between the material and the immaterial, the horizontal and the vertical, the visceral and the technological, two dimensions and three dimensions, and ultimately, the conscious and unconscious.

- Mira Burack