PROJECTS > Sleeping Between the Sun and the Moon

"Though her sculptures and collages are not strictly within the traditional genre of landscape that the West knows so well, they elicit it, conjuring its colors and textures—the expansiveness of space, both enveloping and sublime. They do so without literalism, instead transforming the high desert into a feeling, a visual metaphor birthed from the relationships she has cultivated while living here." - excerpt from Bodies at Rest by Alicia Inez Guzmán

Star (daughter)
Photography collage (photographs of baby blanket), paint, wall installation
60" x 60"
Moon (mother)
Dried broom snakeweed plants, metal ring, twine, paint
84" x 84", Photography by Eric Swanson
Sun (son)
Photography collage (photographs of bedding), paint - wall installation
84" x 84", Photography by Eric Swanson