How do we create space for valuing rest, stillness, deep breathing, contemplation, and connection to the land?

In the foothills of the Ortiz Mountains in the high desert of New Mexico, I am initiating SLEEPING HUTS, a land-based project that expands my artistic explorations of rest, sleep, and the bed into my domestic and natural landscape.

SLEEPING HUTS is a site-specific project consisting of three artistic, earthen architectural spaces - one for a family, one for a couple, and one for a single person - completely designed around a unique, imaginative bed and a nurturing and sensorial sleep experience.

There will be handmade bedding, plant-based sleep remedies, sound installations, and sculptural, personal care objects that create a complete, restorative experience.

The SLEEPING HUTS will be spaces for personal retreat, restful contemplation, and surrender that connect visitors with high desert materials, plant life, and the natural elements in memorable ways.

The project creates a reverent relationship between the natural world and rest, allowing guests to release, reset, and reconnect with the land.


The SLEEPING HUTS will be accessible to people who really need renewal and care. I am excited to be at the stage in the project where I am developing plans and research, and reaching out to potential collaborators (architects, artists, designers, writers and healers) to work with to help bring the the project to life.

As this is a long term and large-scale endeavor, please consider sharing in the it's evolution by supporting the project. Just reach out or consider being a PATREON HERE! Contributors will always be a part of an extended family for the project, and are welcome to visit the site as it develops and can share in rest workshops and meals on the land. As it evolves, there will be artworks made related to the project and hopefully a limited edition artist book that shares the essences and visions for the SLEEPING HUTS.

Thank you deeply to all who supported the project thus far!
SITE SANTA FE'S SPREAD 7.0 micro-grant, and each person who contributed.
Hazon's Shmita Project prize recipient
form & concept gallery, Santa Fe
Fulcrum Fund, a grant program of 516 ARTS made possible by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Frederick Hammersley Fund for the Arts at the Albuquerque Community Foundation